Bible Reading Questions             August 22-28, 2021 

Psalm 88-109

Proverbs 22-28

SUNDAY – August 22
Psalm 88    In your own words describe what the psalmist feels as he writes this psalm.   
Psalm 89    What people are God’s chosen and covenant people?  
Psalm 90    According to verse 2 how long has God existed?   
Psalm 91    Who enjoys the protection of the Almighty?  
What does that phrase man?   

MONDAY – August 23
Psalm 92    Who will flourish in the courts of the LORD?  
What does that statement mean?    
Psalm 93    Thinking about verse 3, can you imagine the oceans praising God?  How is God’s Word described in verse 5?    
Psalm 94    What does the LORD about the thoughts of man? 

TUESDAY – August 24
Psalm 95    Why should we worship and bow down the knee before the LORD?  
Psalm 96    What makes the LORD different from the gods of the nations?
Psalm 97    What are those that love the LORD supposed to do?  

WEDNESDAY – August 25
Psalm 98    Notice how nature praises God in this psalm.  Also notice how enthusiastic we ought to be in our praise to God.  What instruments do you use to praise the LORD?    
Psalm 99    Why should we worship at the footstool of the LORD?    
Psalm 100    What is the duration of the LORD’s mercy and truth?  

THURSDAY – August 26
Psalm 101    What are some of the activities of a godly man according to this psalm?   
Psalm 102    According to the psalmist what will happen to the earth and the heavens? 
Psalm 103    When God forgives sins how far away does he send them? 
Psalm 104    What does the psalmist say God is worthy to be clothes with?

FRIDAY – August 27
Psalm 105    In the first five verses of this psalm what terms are used to describe how we are to respond to the LORD?    
Psalm 106    What is one reason to give thanks to the LORD?  

SATURDAY – August 28
Psalm 107    What are the redeemed supposed to do? 
Psalm 108    Note: Psalm 108:1-5 and Psalm 57:7-11 are very similar.  Who gives the victory over the enemies of Gods people?  
Psalm 109    What positive thing does the psalmist do in verse 30?