Bible Reading Questions   March 29 - April 4, 2020

Bible Baptist Church      Wiscasset, Maine         Pastor Rob Green

1 Kings 9 - 2 Kings 9

(Proverbs 29-4)


SUNDAY – March 29

1 Kings 9 According to verse 11 what else did Hiram king of Tyre supply for

Solomon and the building of the temple and his own house?

1 Kings 10 Why did the Queen of Sheba come to visit Solomon? 

1 Kings 11 According to verse two what was God’s reason for Israel not

marrying wives from the nations around them? 

Is that what happened to Solomon?

1 Kings 12 What action on the part of Rehoboam divided the kingdom of

Israel into two kingdoms? 

1 Kings 13 What happened to the prophet who turned back after God

specifically told him not to do so? 

MONDAY – March 30

1 Kings 14 Though it seems very cruel when did Jeroboam’s son die?

1 Kings 15 What kind of a king was Abijam? 

What kind of a king was Asa? 

1 Kings 16 Baasha followed the example of who, as king?

TUESDAY – March 31

1 Kings 17 Name the two places God told Elijah to go and he would care for

him during the famine.   

1 Kings 18 Who did Elijah meet when he was looking for Ahab?

Was Obadiah a god-fearing man? 

1 Kings 19 How many days did that food which God supplied for Elijah

sustain him?  

Who did God tell Elijah to anoint as prophet in his place?

WEDNESDAY –  April 1

1 Kings 20 For what reason did God through the prophet pronounce a death

sentence upon Ahab?

1 Kings 21 According to this chapter who was like Ahab for evil?

Did Ahab repent of his season even for a short season?

1 Kings 22 Who was the prophet of the LORD that Ahab hated because he

prophesied evil concerning Ahab? 

Which of Ahab’s evil prophets smote Micaiah? 

THURSDAY – April 2

2 Kings 1 How is Elijah described in verse 8? 

2 Kings 2 What were the sons of the prophets lacking in verses 16-18?

2 Kings 3 Who stopped paying tribute to Israel after the death of Ahab?

FRIDAY – April 3

2 Kings 4 What did the Shunammite woman do for Elisha the prophet of


What did Elisha do for her in thanks for this prophet’s chamber? 

2 Kings 5 How many times did Naaman dip in the river Jordan to be healed?

2 Kings 6 When Elisha revealed to the king of Israel the plan of Ben-hadad,

what did Ben-hadad believe was happening? 

SATURDAY – April 4

2 Kings 7 What happened to the man who doubted Elisha’s prophecy about

food on the morrow? 

2 Kings 8 Why did Elisha weep when Hazael came to him and asked about

the life of Ben-hadah?  

2 Kings 9 In his move to become king of Israel, which two kings did Jehu


Who else was killed in this move?

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Bible Reading Questions     April 5-11, 2020

Bible Baptist Church      Wiscasset, Maine         Pastor Rob Green

2 Kings 10 - 1 Chronicles 7

(Proverbs 5-11)


SUNDAY – April 5

2 Kings 10 How did Jehu destroy Baal worship in Israel?

2 Kings 11 How long did Athaliah reign in Judah? 

Who helped to establish Joash as proper king over Judah?

2 Kings 12 Johoash caused an offering to be made for what purpose? 

2 Kings 13 What did the three arrows which Joash struck into the ground


2 Kings 14 In what place was Amaziah king of Judah killed? 

MONDAY – April 6

2 Kings 15 What kind of a king was Azariah? 

How old was he when he began to reign?  

What disease did God allow him to have until the day of his death? 

2 Kings 16 What kind of a king was Ahaz king of Judah?

2 Kings 17 What did the king of Assyria do with Hoshea king of Israel when he discovered Hoshea’s conspiracy?

TUESDAY – April 7

2 Kings 18 In your own words, what took place in Judah under the reign of


2 Kings 19 To whom did Hezekiah send messengers when he was faced with

trouble from Assyria?

2 Kings 20 Though Hezekiah was a godly king, what imprudent thing did he

do in the extra years God gave him as king? 

WEDNESDAY –  April 8

2 Kings 21 What abominable thing did Manasseh do in verse 5?

2 Kings 22 What was the response of Josiah upon hearing the book of the

law of Moses being read to him? 

2 Kings 23 Considering the question for chapter 21, what did Josiah do in

the temple during his reign (v.4ff)? 

THURSDAY – April 9

2 Kings 24 What happened to Jerusalem and Judah during the reign of


2 Kings 25 Name the captain of the guard of Nebuchadnezzar who burned


1 Chronicles 1 What was the name of Abraham’s second wife (called his

concubine in this chapter)? 

FRIDAY – April 10

1 Chronicles 2 What was unique about Sheshan’s posterity? 

1 Chronicles 3 Who was David’s firstborn son?

1 Chronicles 4 Who previously dwelt in the pasture land which the sons of

Simeon took for themselves at the end of this chapter?

SATURDAY – April 11

1 Chronicles 5 Because of Reuben’s sin who received the birthright?

1 Chronicles 6 Which son of Levi is Moses directly related to?

1 Chronicles 7 How many sons of Tola were there in the time of David, king

of Israel? 

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